Ficoco is a brand of Finom Joint Stock Company - a leading unit in Vietnam in the field of providing and building infrastructure for agriculture.


The hustle and bustle, suffocating pace of life in cities and urban areas, coupled with the rapid development of industry, machinery, and increasing material demands, makes the environment polluted. Consequently, environmental protection is a trend and urgent action. The act of reusing and planting trees to build a garden to order to create more green space for the city is being replicated in large scale. This is not just planting trees and providing a safe and clean source of vegetables for the family, but also making a small contribution to the global green space!

Ficoco was born with the mission to bring convenient farming solutions – MAKE FARMING EASY, so that each customer can create their own green patches in the home, office corner, and clean food for the family. Ficoco ultimate desire is to help customers have fun and happy experiences on their journey.

Proud of being Vietnamese products that meet export standards while still maintain reasonable prices. Our prestige is endorsed by thousands of customers. We have warehouses, factories in the Western and Southern region. 


- Diverse types of growing media and tools for planting trees (coco coir, perlite, pumice, peat moss, seed pellets, seeds, convenient planter set Izy Bag, coir pot...) with suitable packages to suit every type of need and space.

- Exquisite design, compact and simple to use and give.

- Environmentally friendly materials that protect family health.

Let's make the dream of owning a beautiful living space come true with FICOCO, because a home is not only a place to live but a place for you to enjoy life. Create yourself a small garden at your house-the place that needs you to take care of the most. You can create a romantic and poetic garden for yourself at home, just like the houses in the West!

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